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Featured Artist

Robert Sudlow

forex trading dubai The Muchnic Gallery in Atchison is proud to exhibit the works of Robert Sudlow.

Spiritual Journeys: The Art of Robert Sudlow chronicles the career of Kansas native and regionalist landscape artist Robert Sudlow. The artist is best known for his atmospheric landscape paintings of the wide-open spaces and intimate corners found in his home state. In the tradition of landscape painting, Sudlow is a plain-air painter, meaning he physically paints in the outdoors. In the case of Sudlow, he paints in a variety of atmospheric conditions including the bitterness of winter and the heat of summer. His motivation and drive to paint the landscape is to capture the ever-changing light that blankets the vast prairie.

More information about Robert Sudlow
Robert Sudlow's Online Image Gallery

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News and Events

April 26, 2003 forex trader in dubai The Muchnic Gallery is now exhibiting the works of Robert Sudlow.

May 24-25, 2003 Atchison, Kansas Riverbend Art Fair. If you are looking for a registration form, download it here!

What's New

April 27, 2003 Muchnic Gallery

New website front page! All the content has not changed, but I hope you find the new look aesthetically pleasing.

Featured Artist updated to Muchnic exhibit, Spiritual Journeys: The Art of Robert Sudlow.

January 8, 2003
Sister Helen's Book is now available for purchase online! We use a secure server, have no fear of credit card theft.
July 25, 2002
Featured Artist updated to Muchnic showing "Visions and Vistas", including the works of Thea Ide and Byron Williamson.



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Gloria Davis - Executive Director
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Atchison, Kansas 66002
Phone: 816-364-2719
Fax: 816-233-1188

Nathan Haug - Webmaster

Muchnic Art Gallery
704 N. Fourth Street
Atchison, Kansas 66002

Saturdays & Sundays: 1-5 p.m.
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