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Maybe Bitcoin (BTC) has already set a new “quasi-gold standard” for the world, or it goes up to a million or zero, believing that it is a well-known entrepreneurial capital in California.

Speaking to Pomp Podcast this week, Chamath Palihapitiya, CEO of Antorgan Pulpiano, co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital, a digital asset management firm, said he had always thought “intoxication didn’t always matter” was very much like Bitcoin. At what price does Bitcoin work? “It’s zero, or it’s millions,” he said.
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He then got into an argument with Bitcoin about his “binary” views, saying that “what he will do is create a quasi-gold standard.”

“This will create an index, in addition to the fact that instead of owning gold, where gold is owned by central banks, it is a tool that has a value that determines its participants and among them, and it belongs to everyone. ”

However, Palihapitiya said that while Bitcoin could never be the same as gold, it could be considered a form of “gold 2.0”:

“It replaces the value-added method you need to make money,” said the well-known investor. However, he also stressed that the replacement of the fiat currency with bitcoin could occur only if the US dollar for some reason turns out to be a serious problem. (Learn more: QE will not cause hyperinflation, says world hyperinflation expert)

He has previously spoken of Bitcoin as a “shmuk insurance” in the hope that it will never be needed again, and now he admits that there is a better chance that “insurance” will work.

“But now, if the probability was 1% that it [insurance] would be worth it, unfortunately, the probability now is like 5% or 10%, and there is a real chance that by 2030, we will not be able to find a way out of our solution.” On the massive level of debt and unfinished pension obligations found around the world.

As previously reported, Chamath Palihapitiya is a lawyer who uses Bitcoin as part of any traditional investment portfolio, saying Bitcoin is a “fantastic hedge” and that everyone should invest 1% of it as “insurance under the mattress”.


Genealogy in Switzerland – A Longenecker Family Search:


Recently I visited Langnau, Bern, Switzerland and spent two days in Langenegger, immersed in all things. My wife and I arrived at Langnau Train Station on June 25, 2004, exhausted from a long flight from San Francisco. When we left the train station, we were immediately struck by the unique image of this area.
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Outside the railway station are the remains of a rocky street that is now asphalted. Everywhere we looked at the beautiful Swiss houses and buildings, many of them centuries old, all decorated with pink and red beggars in the flower boxes beneath each window. As we found out later, Emmental also features church ornaments on bridges, friendly people, Swiss watches and lamps, with throat bells ringing; Everything you expect from Switzerland.
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As we walked to our hotel in Bareo, we noticed how friendly and kind the locals were. Stopping by, letting us cross the street and smiling as we crossed the friendly “Halo” or “Goten Morgen”. The city is surrounded by long stone tanks, one end of which floods with water and the other dries up. They look like a stone horse tank. These are available to anyone who wants a cooler well.
After we settled into our room at the Landgasthof Hotel Adler, the owner kindly invited us to take a short walk to the village where we saw more beautiful homes and pastures. Upon returning, we asked a few locals at the hotel restaurant about the Langenegger farm, and they laughed well. It turns out that there are a lot of Langgers out there, and we didn’t know the names of the people who lived in the original home we came to see.
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The hills are about 1,200 meters above the valley floor and with incredibly green grass and forested areas visible from anywhere in the city. Langnau is small, maybe three to four blocks long, and the hills seem very close. Black and white cows break the greenery and produce a great candlelit sound as they graze their bells ringing. The higher bones worn by sheep and goats blend in with the crunchy bong-bong of cow bells, which create a delicious backdrop of scenery. This is the last sound we heard as we went to bed covered in a feather hammer on our first evening in Langnau.
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The birds woke us up to the wonderful green world that is Langnau in the summer. We enjoyed a great breakfast of home-made bread and jelly prepared by our host Stephanie. We hoped to go to church, but we found out that our information was incorrect and that it was coming soon. Instead, we began our tour of Langnau early.
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Langnau is a small town, and we strolled along all the main streets at about noon as we took a break to eat a little cheese tart and share apple cakes from a small downtown store. At that time the local museum was opened.
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Located in one of the oldest houses in Langnau, it’s a great opportunity to wander inside one of these magnificent buildings and see all the artistic furniture made by the builders. It is also a magnificent museum with a series of permanent and rotating exhibits depicting the history of Langnau and its inhabitants.
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Museum & # 39; The Associate Professor has lived in Langnau for 70 years and is well known by the name Langenager. He quickly found a book containing the claws of the Langenegger family, one for those in the valley (Langenegg Ey) and one for higher levels (Langenegg Unter). He also dug his name in Lange (English long; English long & # 39; German & nbsp;) and Negro (English blur – English and pronounced & # 39; neck & # 39; German).
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I have not been able to confirm & # 39; The word negg & # 39: everywhere, but that’s what he says. The book also contained a statement, “Ulrich, von Langnau, Wandering 1748 nach Pennsylvanien (USA) Aus (Faust 61),” which roughly translates that Ulrich Langner migrated to Pennsylvania in 1748. This is our ancestor Ulrich Langenegger. The book gives no other source for this information.
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On the map, Langenegg Unter is only 30 minutes from the museum, and Langenegg Ey is a short walk from the city of Langnau. Since Unter had belonged to another Langengate for many years, we decided to take a closer look at the property in the Valley of the Ey to see if we could at least get a picture of the house, and maybe if we really were. lucky, meet a distant relative.
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Margaret and I walked across the river, where many locals took a break from ordinary life to sponsor. We were pleasantly surprised by the number of bridges in Langnau and its surroundings: All are still in use. We even drove more than one out of Langnau.

As we approached the long road leading to Langeniger’s house, two women came out of the river, and one of them spoke English. He said we were in the right place and that the Langenegger family lived here. He offered to accompany us to the right home in a group of homes and buildings. In a funny German “Woo hoo,” he called in and introduced us to my 9th cousin, who lives in the house where Ulrich Langenegger Senor lives in 1664 (the same as mentioned in the book that immigrated to Pennsylvania).

Our newly found cousins ​​were gracious and warmly welcomed, even though we appeared at their door more than 250 years later without any Christmas holidays. We had a brief chat about the family and looked at some of the information there. Coincidentally, the door next to the couple’s bride was in Pennsylvania while attending the Longeneck gathering while we were in Langnau. We have exchanged contact information so that we can keep track of what we think may be useful to them. They kindly offered us a refreshing drink from their well before we took a little walk around the farm to get some photos. The cows were in the barn because it was unseasonably hot that day. The milk from their cows is sold at a local farmers’ factory, which makes it cheese. If you are looking for some real Langenegger cheese, look for the Emmentaler type as this is what they make there. It is sold in the US as just Swiss cheese, the type of holes in it. I have to admit it tasted much better in Langnau than in California.

The house is within easy walking distance of the Langnau River and consists of an original home, plus some additional homes and buildings. I had a problem photographing the house myself. It is a typical Swiss farm house, organized in residential districts and barns under one roof. On one side is an earthen ramp that runs directly to the top of the attic, which is used for winter storage and use in the winter to move the section to that area.

The roof is steep by US standards, but not as steep as I expected in an area with a lot of snow. Most of the roofs in the area are tiled and include about six inches of brackets that hold snow in winter so that everyone falls at once. Some buildings had a simpler system, with only one set of brackets at the bottom of the roof, holding a four-inch pipe that ran the entire length of the house, presumably for the same purpose as the brackets of other buildings. In addition, this system probably uses snow to isolate the roof from the cold. Another interesting thing about some roofs and houses: Builders sometimes put their signatures and construction dates on the roof, using different colored tiles. Others painted this information under mosaics or on the face of the building under nightmares.

The Langenegger House is not as pleasant as in the city, but it is large and includes a few decorations that we have seen repeated inside the museum, in covered bridges and elsewhere. The main structure appears to be large rays, which are carefully joined at the right angles to make them stronger as they are more weight-bearing and held by wooden tops. On one bridge near the city we saw a metal ribbon, which seemed to have been added later.

The farm business is centered around milk cows. A large field of corn was planted near the house, as well as a well-kept garden, which seems to congratulate every homeowner in Switzerland. When approaching the highway on the farm, there are some cherry trees, mostly green fruits, which begin to turn pink at first. The rest of the farm seemed to be in the grass. My friend John in Garland, Oklahoma, called fencing a “psychological fencing”, which is no barrier to the animal that wants to get out. We noticed that many fences seemed to be temporary and electrified so that cows could easily move to fresh grass if needed. We even saw an electric fence hanging from the sun panel above the mountainside far from the city of Langnau. Out of respect for current occupants & # 39; time and space, we only stayed short.

We returned to our hotel on the line that runs along the river and stopped to rest in the shade of the old covered bridge. We were exhausted again and rejoiced when we met our distant relatives and watched the old house.

Research. If you are studying this field, no genealogy information is available in Langnau. The Record Office has been recording since 1886, but does not issue it without the permission of the persons mentioned in the records, and the charges are very high. You’ll have much better luck in Bern, where most of the Swiss records are kept. There is almost always someone who speaks English, and the post offices are no exception. The records are non-computerized, not indexed, but they are very neatly sorted by location and time. You need to tell them clearly who, where and when you want to look for the right microfilm. Then it’s an outdated search that looks over time records using unknown styles and letters. The locks are located near the office, in the corridor, and you will have to leave your backpack, purse and so on. It’s free and secure.

Archive de I & # 39; Etat de Berne is located near Falkenplatz 4, CH-3012 Bern, near the main railway station in Bern. I’ve tried it a third time. The train station is large and busy and has several levels. Install one end of the lift station and take it to the top. If you have problems, follow students and signs to the university to find elevators. When you’re at the top, go to the college, the only way you can really go, and pass between the two large university buildings. The first building on Falkenplatz 4 is on the right, after you cross the campus. There is a small stop near the little park where students gather for a cheap and good sandwich. Get there early when the sandwiches come out fast in the afternoon. The office is open every day – 8 am. 12:00 to 12:00. 00 and 1. 5 am to 5 pm 00 except Friday when it closes at 4. On the 30th. If you would like to confirm before you go, their numbers are 031/633 51 01, fax 031/633 51 02. Copies are one-page Swiss francs, so take a lot of cash so you can get everything you want. You can easily spend 50 francs a day depending on what you want. I haven’t had the time, but you might also want to check out these resources provided by the Langnau Museum. . .

Zivilstands-und Burgerrechtsdienst:

Des Kantons Bern:

Eigerstrasse 73:

3011 Cargo

031/633 47 85:

Fax: 031/633 47 39

Niizen Paul-Anton

Biochstrasse 7:

3753 Oberhofen am Thunersee:

033/243 24 52:


New Hampshire Tourism Guide & # 39; in the eastern white mountains


1. Appalachian Mountains.

The nearly 2,000-mile stretch of Newfoundland, Canada, Alabama, USA, the Appalachian Mountains, or the Rockies west of its western partner, are a natural barrier between North America and the 39 39 s coastal plain and inland. Divided into three northern, central, and southern physiographic regions, they cover a wide range.

Comprised of catastrophic eruptions, strong heat and crushing pressure from a metamorphic rock formed during the Preamble region from 1.1 billion to 540 million years ago, the Appalachians are some of the oldest mountains on the planet. At the end of the Paleozoic Era (about 250 million years ago) during the earthquake underground eruption, they were formed when the inner crumbs of obscure proportions were crumbling on an underground rock that then blew, crumbled, blamed, and crushed. sometimes in parallel mountain ranges. Developed by water, ice and weather for millennia, secondary forms and canyons were created during a time when plants and most species of animals still existed.

When the forces of the earth fell, they climbed the highest peak, at 6,684 feet, in today's North Carolina in the form of Mount McClell.

2. White Mountains.

New Hampshire was hardly overlooked when it came to high power. Indeed, his own section of the Appalachian Chain, the White Mountains, was thrown into the sky by 48 peaks that were considered "four thousand feet high", several peaks at least 5,000 meters high, and the crown of the kingdom at 6,288 feet, the highest Washington Mount. the summit throughout the northeast.

The glaciers had formed "cell" deep passages by the inhabitants of the early past because they resembled wooden shafts, while the circus had produced river heads such as Mount Washington & # 39; Tuckerman and Adam & # 39; s Mount & # 39; king on the shore.

Man has also been instrumental, and sometimes harmful, in the formation of the New Hampshire & 39th Division of the Appalachians. Abandoned by their satellite fashion, the logging concerns that took over much of the land and then cut it by 1,832 sawmills before being moved by rail, remained bare until the Weeks Act came into force and allowed 1914: Original 7,000 acres.

Subsequent purchases, combined with logging restrictions in designated wilderness areas, provided for the establishment of the 800,000-hectare White Mountain National Forest, which today is supplemented by the slogan "Land of Many Use".

The state is famous for its presidential series, the peaks of which, as their name implies, are named after presidents and other prominent Americans.

Its abundant fauna ranges from deer to mice, black bears, bobcats, gray foxes, coyotes, hives, meadows, raccoons, and 184 species of birds, including Peregian fanatics.

Although its protected status restricts its use, this restriction does not extend to its enjoyment, the possibilities of which are many and vary by season.

Due to heavy snow, the landscape transforms the landscape into obscene postcards and sports paradise during the winter months, for example, attracting sights, tourists, athletes and enthusiastic fans as the mountains yield to their sides and peaks, a world-class range of health, alpine and khachkar cross-country skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, glacier, snowboarding, sleigh riding, ice fishing, dog sledding and even frozen waterfalls to climb.

Shrinking in color, the district becomes an endless canvas of paintings of impressionism in the fall, becoming a magnet for photographers, leaf painters and naturalists. The look of the color depends on the time, height and type of tree. For example, red bogs are at their lowest level in mid-September, and beech, sugar and cookies reach that level below 2000 feet a month later. This peak occurs earlier in early October, between 2,500 to 3,500 feet, and the yellow fir, maple and mountain ash glow in color, between mid-September to 3500 and 5500 feet.

However, the areas and peaks reach their highest during the summer tourist season, when about two dozen sights provide scenic views, railroad links, family-oriented theme parks, and outdoor activities.

3. Orientation.

New Hampshire & # 39; White Mountains in the northern part of the state are easily accessible. Route 16, Interstate 93, and Route 3 provide north-south travel, while Routes 2, 302 and 112 cut the area east-west.

4. White Mountains Attractions.

A. On Route 2:

Santa Claus Santa Claus, located in Jefferson City, New Hampshire, from May to December, is a Christmas theme and gives children the opportunity to visit a bearded red man in July, feed a bearded man, feed on his reindeer and enjoy 19 including antique cars, a yule log handle, a flying jumper, a Jingle Bells Express train, a escalator and a water park. Live, three-day screenings are performed at the Polar Theater, and the Burgermeister Food Court offers a range of dishes, including the opportunity to decorate lavish cookies.

One-time, two-day and seasonal crossings allow unlimited use of the park's walks, performances and sights.

Six Gun City and Fort Splash is another Eff Jefferson family-owned park that is accessible by Route 2 but with a western focus. Between May and September, it allows its visitors to "swim, jog and play all day" at attractions that include shopping carts, lasers, water slides, bumper boats, sawmill runs, mechanical trainers. , log boats, etc. Gold Rush Runaway Train.

Children can earn deputy badges from the sheriff's office or move to the other side of the law and decorate their pictures with the desired posters.

The Museum of Transportation features more than a hundred antique wagons and sleighs, including the oldest Concord trainer.

Children can dine at Six Gun Parlor or dine at Grabby & # 39; s. s at Grub House, and cowboy clothing and gifts can be purchased at the mall and general store.

The Fort Jefferson Campground, with its own swimming pool, offers 100 spaces, from tents to full bases.

B. Route 302:

Difficult to overcome mankind with its compelling 6,288-foot peak and considering the Darby Plain as the first to successfully do so when he ascended the summit in 1652 with the help of two Indian guides, Mount Washington never ceases to lure people back to it. However, today's tourists can still do it easier, faster and more conveniently on the Mount Washington Cog Railway.

When Sylvester Marsh, Compton, a native of New Hampshire and a Chicago-based meat-and-meat business followed for nearly two hundred years and plunged into a mountain of life-threatening snowstorms, he pledged to develop a method that would eliminate any danger and eliminate it.

Providing a charter for the railroad, the concept of which was initially met with laughter by the New Hampshire legislature and accompanied by the now-popular words that it "might as well build a railroad to the moon," he invented technology that included a small, vertical axis, It was mixed with the trusses between the small track and allowed the engine to bend 37.41 percent sharply.

Succeeded in 1869 with its noble purpose and height, it has been going on ever since. National Historic Landmark, the World's & # 39; is the second fastest rail system and the oldest operating system.

From Fabian 302 to Fabian & # 39; A six-mile base road to the station, the Mount Washington Cog Railway offers three-hour tours of its own Marshall Station to the summit, with both steam and biodiesel locomotives in May. and an October and a half trip in November and December. All trains consist of a single engine and one passenger train.

Ticket office besides: self service restaurant, Catalano & Cog; and a gift shop, the station itself offers a glimpse of early modern railroad technology through its Cog Museum and outdoor displays, which include the first locomotive of the pickup.

Views from the rocky, windward moon summit include the northern peaks of the Presidential Range, and cyclists can visit the Sherman Adams Summit Building. Mount Washington Observatory; Tip-Top House – a historic national stronghold; and Summit Stage Office, which recorded the highest wind speed in the world – 231 km / sec.

A short distance from Washington Kog Railway and Route 39 just off Bretton Woods 302 is another sightseeing attraction: Mount Washington Resort.

Crossing the forest green and always under the shadow of a mountain, this white façade, a mega-house with a red roof, is the & # 39; One of the original big hotels, built between 1900 and 1902 by Joseph Joseph Stickney of New Hampshire, who gathered his wealth in the coal mining industry and with the Pennsylvania Railroad in the Spanish Renaissance Revival style.

Constructed by 250 Italian craftsmen who used fine details for its woodworking and masonry, it featured a rare steel frame and innovative heating, electric power, water supply and private telephone systems along with its existing post office, along with its existing post office, form:

Working at 350, it opened its doors on July 28, 1902, welcoming wealthy Northeast guests, celebrities, and celebrities, including Thomas Edison, Babe Ruth, or Crawford, Princess Margaret, and the three Presidents of the United States, all of whom The area had access to up to 50 daily trains serving three local stations.

In 1944, it hosted the Bretton Woods International Monetary Conference, during which delegates from 44 countries established the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, setting $ 35.00 as the gold standard and designating the US dollar as the basis for international exchange.

In 1978 the hotel was added to the National Register of Historic Places, and nine years later it was designated a National Historic Landmark by the Ministry of Interior.

Echoes of its centuries-old elegance are its 900-foot van and the Great Hall foyer, which features high ceilings and rocky fireplaces.

Other bright era echoes in the form of a daytime tea in her Princess Room, a five-star meal in the dining room, a light fare Stickney & # 39; s restaurant, cocktails at Rosebrook's bar, Veranda or rock cave, operator. Base elevator and underground socks tours, surrounded by White Mountain peaks and Crawford Point.

A 25,000-square-foot spa with 13 treatment rooms and two golf courses featuring nine holes, the Pleasant Mountain Course, opened in 1895, and the 18-hole Washington Range, restored in 1915. Design by Donald Ross.

Equally Omni's Bretton Arms Inn is equally asleep and breakfast.

Fabyan & # 39; Route 302 from s Station Restaurant is the Breton ski resort of Mount Rosebrook. It features 433 acres of skiing and snowboarding, 101 alpine trails, 100 kilometers of northern trails, four local parks, night skiing and pavilion tours of ten, with two sky bridges and three rapids.

In addition to skiing, winter activities include dog sledding, sleigh riding, snow tubing, skating rinks, snowshoeing and ice climbing, while summer sports include hiking, cycling, swimming, fishing and flying fishing and fishing.

D-room options include Lucy Crawford & Food Court: Beach Crawford & Sogapside Restaurant in the base lounge and Summit's Best O & # 39; Quad restaurant.

East of Route 302 is the Crawford Note State Park.

Discovered in 1771, when Lancaster hunter Timothy Nash discovered a gap while gliding over Jerry's Mount, his lands were promised to Governor John von Wentworth if he could both ride a horse and build a road through it. despite significant topographic obstacles.

The area itself was named after the first Crawford family. In setting up and preparing the first highway to Mount Washington, they set out on expeditions.

Barring excessive deforestation of the area and logging, New Hampshire acquired most of the local land in 1913, designating it a state park. Its 5,775-hectare site now encompasses the mountain peaks bordering the Saco River valley.

In addition to picnics, fishing and hiking, it offers two short, easy hiking trails: the half-mile Pond Loop Trail leads to views of the lake, while the one-mile tour Sam Willie Trail follows the Saco River. Extensions and separate paths lead to Ripley, and to Arethusa.

Even to the east, there are still 302 routes to Attitash Mountain Resort, the summit of which rises to 2350 feet. In addition to the standard winter sports offerings, it opened its doors to summer activities in 1976. More than a mile-long chair-slide imported from Germany with rolling slopes and S-turns.

Gradually-added sights now include two-way rail-mounted cars that tilt 2.280 feet New & # 39; Easter Mountain Collection, with 360 degree knots; climb a wall; a stroller; water slides; mountain biking; riding; and 1700 foot-in-the-chair chairs.

Daytime, daytime and single adult and child tickets allow visitors to optimize their experience.

Attitash Grand Summit Hotel and Crawford & # 39; s 2,050-bear foothills are home to Atitash Mountain Village with 302 routes.

C. On Route 16:

While Cog Rail provides the west side to the summit, Mount Washington Auto Road offers the east side an alternative to the car.

Tracing its origins to the originally designated Highland Route of the Washington Range, which was the country's first hand-made tourist attraction when it opened on August 8, 1861, it allows drivers to "take the high road" as it advertises by entering on the 16th at Pinkham Notch.

Located at its base, Great Glen Lodge offers a restaurant, and nearby Douglas A. The Red Bull Museum of Philbrook, the last of the horse and grass barns that were inseparable in the process of transportation and staging # 39. collecting restored wagons, strollers, stewards, and cars that had been following the summit for a while.

The main toll on the highway includes the car, its driver, audio or CD drive tours, and the popular "This Car Is Rising in Washington." Bumper sticker, and vehicles range from 1,543 to 28,288 feet. The climb reaches from 594 to 880 feet per mile, passing 7.6 miles. They have access to the summit's same views and historic buildings as their rail passenger counterparts.

A short distance from the 16th Highway Wildcat Mountain, which itself is attractive to the sister of Atitash. Its 49 trails and gloves that reach New England's most powerful quadrant include the 2.75-mile Polcat Trail for beginners, the 2,122-foot, vertically leaving Lynx Trail for mediators and the Wildcat Trail for professionals.

Summer activities include the Wildcat Mountain Express Skyride. Լուռ վեր բարձրանալով Wildcat Mountain- ի 4,062 ոտքով գագաթնաժողովին իրենց 15 րոպեանոց ճանապարհորդության ընթացքում, չորս հոգանոց գոնդոլաները սկզբում տեղափոխվում են, և, ի վերջո, վերևում ՝ կանաչի ցունամիի հոյակապ ալիքները, որոնք ընդգրկում են Սպիտակ լեռներն ու Տաքերման գետի ափը, Առյուծի գլուխը, Ռայմոնդը: Կատարակտը, Վաշինգտոն լեռը և Հանթինգթոն գետի ափին հեռավոր, բայց դեռևս տեսանելի, շաքարով փոշոտ բծերով և գագաթնակետին ձյուն ունեցող բեկորներով, նույնիսկ ամռանը:

Կարծես խոզանակելով հավերժ կանգնած մշտադալարները, որոնք նման են արբանյակային, անտառապահպանական սենթելներին, երբ մոտենում են գագաթին, նրանք բացում են իրենց դռները և արտանետում սոճու հոտառական հարձակումները, կարծես հեծյալը իր տարեկան Սուրբ Ծննդյան տոնի համար պահվել էր տեղական տնկարանում: ծառի ցրվածություն: Օդը, նիհար և մաքուր, մի քանի տաս աստիճանով ավելի զով է, քան այն գտնվում է հիմքում:

«Դուք կանգնած եք Appalachian Trail– ի մի մասի վրա», – անմիջապես հուշում է մի նշան, «որը Կոնգրեսը նշանակեց որպես ազգային բեմական արահետ 1968 թվականին»: Ձգվելով ավելի քան 2.140 մղոն վրացական Սպրինգեր լեռից մինչև Կաթահդին, Մեյն, անցնում է 14 նահանգ, ութ ազգային անտառ, վեց ազգային պարկի տարածք և բազմաթիվ պետական ​​հողեր:

Գագաթնաժողովը դեպի գագաթ գագաթնակետը և # 39; մյուս ծայրը հնարավորություն են տալիս ուղիղ տեսք ունենալ Սպիտակ լեռան ազգային անտառի արևելյան լանջին և Քիրսարգ հյուսիսին, հարավին երկնաքարին և սև լեռան ուրվագծերին: Դեպի արևելք, առաջին պլանում, գտնվում է Վայրի գետի հովիտը, մինչդեռ վերջին սառցադաշտային ժամանակահատվածում ձևավորված մի շարք ավելի փոքր, կլորացված լեռներ տեսանելի են այս տարածքից այն կողմ ՝ Նյու Հեմփշիր-Մեյն նահանգի երկայնքով: Մաքուր օրերը հնարավորություն են տալիս ակնկալել Ատլանտյան օվկիանոսը, 90 մղոն հեռավորության վրա:

Appalachian Trail- ը արևմուտք է անցնում Նախագահական լեռնաշղթան, Վաշինգտոն լեռը և Մեծ ծոցի ծովային անապատ: Mahoosuc Range- ը և Բեռլինի և Գորհամի քաղաքները թեքվում են հյուսիսում, իսկ acksեքսոնը, Բարտլետը և Քոնվեյսը հարավում են:

Wildcat Mountain & # 39; s չորս անձի Zip Rider- ը, որը կասեցված է գետնից 70 ոտնաչափ բարձրությամբ մալուխից, ընկնում է 2.100 ոտքով արահետներով, գետերիով և Peabody River- ով 12-տոկոսանոց դասարանից և մինչև 45 մղոն / վ արագությամբ: փորձը, որը նկարագրում է որպես «արագընթաց կաբելային լուրեր, հանկարծակի և կտրուկ վայրէջքով»:

Wildcat- ի ճանապարհին զբոսնելը Թոմփսոնի ջրվեժի մասնաճյուղի միջոցով հնարավորություն է տալիս դիտել տեսարժան վայրերը, իսկ ձկնորսությունը կարելի է վայելել Պեբոդի գետի ափին:

Փաթեթներում ներառված են այնպիսի առանձնահատկություններ, ինչպիսիք են գոնդոլայի լողալը, ճաշը Mountainside Café- ում, սկավառակի գոլֆը և Attitash Grand Summit հյուրանոցում տեղավորվելը:

16-րդ ճանապարհով հարավ գտնվող հարավում գտնվում է Appalachian Mountain Club- ը: Հիմնադրվել է Բոստոնում ՝ Էդվարդ Պիկերինի և 33 այլ բացօթյա էնտուզիաստների ՝ հետագայում որոշված ​​նպատակի համար ՝ «խթանել (վայելել) Ապալաչյան շրջանի լեռները, անտառները, ջրերը և արահետները պաշտպանելը, վայելելը և հասկանալը», – այն ստեղծեց առաջինը: արշավային արահետ ՝ 1879-ին Տուկերման գետի ափին և ներկայումս պահպանում է դրանցից ավելի քան 1,500 մղոն, տնակների և տնակների հետ միասին, 12-գլուխանոց համակարգի շրջանակներում, որը ձգվում է Մեյնից մինչև Վաշինգտոն, ԴԿ կազմակերպություն ՝ 450 սեզոնային և լրիվ դրույքով աշխատող անձնակազմով և 16000-ով: կամավորներ, ունի 100,000 անդամ:

Նրա Նյու Հեմփշիրի գլուխը ՝ արևելքում Վաշինգտոնի լեռան հիմքում, 1920-ականներից ի վեր հանգստացել է քայլարշավների, լեռնագնացությունների, դահուկների և ձնաբուծության համար ձնաբուծության համար, և այսօր պահպանում է oeո Դոջի օթյակը, սրճարանը, նվերների խանութը և ութը: լեռնային արահետը խրճիթներ է տալիս և առաջարկում դասախոսություններ, սեմինարներ և բացօթյա հմտությունների հրահանգներ:

Այստեղ է նաև Pnkham Notch այցելուի կենտրոնը:

Story Land- ը ՝ ընտանիքի վրա հիմնված ևս մեկ թեմատիկ պարկ «որտեղ հեքիաթները կյանքի են կոչվում», գտնվում է հարավում ՝ Գլենում 16 և 302 երթուղիների հանգույցից մեկ քառորդ մղոն հեռավորության վրա:

Երեխաներին մատուցվում է շրջագայությունների և գործունեության մի փաթեթ, ներառյալ հնաոճ մեքենաներ, Մոխրոտի և # 39-ի դդումի փոխադրումներ, այգու ծովախեցգետնյա ճամփորդող ավտոկանգառներ, դոկտոր Գեյսեր և # 39 Հատկանշական Raft Ride, բևեռային արծաթե սկուտեղ, բամբուկե ջահեր Ուղևորություն, Crab Crawl, Oceans of Fun, Turtle Twist, Splash Battle և Cinderella & # 39 Castle.

Դրա զվարճանքը, ինչպես նշվում է նրա գունագեղ վերնագրերով, հավասարապես երիտասարդությանն է պատկանում ՝ Duke & # 39; s Dance Party, Funsation Celebration, The Story-Bops, A Fairy Tale Fiasco, Royal Hanneford Circus և Farm Follies Show:

Խմիչքներ, նախուտեստներ և կերակուրներ կարելի է ձեռք բերել մի քանի վայրերում ՝ ներառյալ «Պարենի տոնավաճառ», «Pixie» խոհանոց և «Արևոտ օր» ֆերմայում:

Հյուսիսային Քոնուեյ քաղաքը, որը գտնվում է դեպի Հյուսիսային Երթուղին հարավային հարավում (հայտնի է նաև որպես Սպիտակ լեռնաշխարհ), հանդիսանում է զբոսաշրջության ամենանշանակալից բազան:

1765-ին ստանձնած գնդապետ նահանգապետ Բենինգ Ուենթորթի կողմից, այն պարտական ​​է իր աշխարհագրությանը, տեղագրությանը և տրանսպորտի հասանելիությանը: Ամերիկայի 20-ամյա պառլամենտական ​​ընտրված պաշտոնյա Անրի Սեյմուր Քոնվեյի անունից հետո, ամերիկյան հեղափոխությունից հետո, այն արմատապես բառացիորեն բերեց ՝ բողբոջող ֆերմերների տեսքով, ինչպես Նոր Անգլիայի շատ այլ գյուղեր:

Կապված արտաքին աշխարհի հետ 1872 թ., Երբ Պորտսմուտը, Մեծ ջրվեժը և Քոնվեյի երկաթուղին դրեցին իր հետքերը, այն հյուրընկալեց զբոսաշրջիկների աճին, որոնք գրավում էին այդ տարածքը ձմեռային մարզաձևերի և լեռնային տեսարանների կողմից, վերջիններս հաճախ գերեվարվում էին Սպիտակ քաղաքում: Mountain Art նկարներ:

Այսպիսով, նույնանալով իր տեղագրության մեջ խրախուսվող գործունեության հետ, այն հայտնի դարձավ որպես «լեռնադահուկային սպորտի ծննդավայր» 1832 թվականին, իսկ երկաթուղին իր «Ձյան գնացքներով» հանգստյան օրերին մինչև 5000 ուղևոր տեղափոխեց քաղաք:

Այսօր, չնայած իր կոմպակտ չափսին, այն առաջարկում է մի շարք ծառայություններ և հարմարություններ, որոնք սովորաբար կապված են քաղաքի չափի հետ եռապատկելու հետ: Տեղավորումը, օրինակ, տատանվում է պատմական հանրակացարաններից (օրինակ ՝ Stonehurst Manor and Inn, 1785 Inn, և Eastern Slope Inn) մինչև ծանոթ ցանցեր (օրինակ ՝ Holiday Inn Express- ը և Marriott & # 39; s Residence Inn): Ռեստորանները արագորեն սնունդը փոխանցում են արագ սնունդից մինչև «Բավարիա» շոկոլադե հաուս, իսկական իտալական ուտեստներ և հենց իրենք են պատմական հյուրանոցներում գտնվող ճաշասենյակները: Խանութները նույնքան բազմաշերտ են `kitchy նվերների խանութներից մինչև գրախանութներ, կարգավորիչներ և # 39; Green Outlet Village և North Conway Mall: Քաղաքի այլ առաջարկներ պարունակում են արվեստի պատկերասրահներ, կենդանի կատարումներով համայնքային կենտրոն, Եղանակ հայտնաբերելու կենտրոն, մոդելային երկաթուղային թանգարան և պատմական երկաթուղային կայարան:

Այս կայարանից է, որ այցելուները կարող են հետ կանգնել և շրջել դեպի շրջակայք և հարուստ երկաթուղային անցյալ:

Հյուսիսային Քոնվեյի բեմական երկաթուղային կայարանը, որը ժամանակին տրանսպորտի օղակ էր դեպի երկրի մնացած մասը և ներկայումս ճարտարապետական ​​անցյալ էր, քաղաքն էր & # 39; միջուկը և քաղաքացիների կենտրոնը & # 39; ապրում է, տեղական տեղաշարժվելով ձիով քաշված սայլերով և վագոններով: 1874 թ.-ին կառուցված Պորտսմուտի, Մեծ ջրվեժների և Քոնուեյի համար և նախագծվեց Նաթանիել Br. Բրեդլիի կողմից – որը մեծ հեղինակություն է վայելում Բոստոնի ճարտարապետ-այն նախատեսված էր ծառայելու աճող առողջարանային համայնքին:

Կիրառող, երկկողմանի պահեստ, որի վեհությունը ներկայացնում է այն ժամանակվա տիպային կայարանները, սպորտային 136 տարեկան, ձեղնահարկով տեղադրված, փողային և երկաթ E. Հովարդ ժամացույց, որը կարծես թե անտեղյակ է հետքի կլոկի կասեցումից և շարունակում է թափել ձեռքերը 360 աստիճան, տարվա 365 օր:

Դրա ներքին հարդարանքը, որը կողքից կողպված է ոլորուն, փայտե, աշտարակ մուտք ունեցող սանդուղքներով, արտացոլում է իր ոսկե դարաշրջանը բնօրինակ տոմսով և հեռագրական գրասենյակով, ամբողջական `խաղողի բերքահավաք գործիքներով, ուղևորի սպասող տարածք / թանգարան (մի ժամանակ սպասվող սենյակ ունեցող կանայք & # 39; ), Brass Whistle Gift Shop (նախկին տղամարդկանց սպասման սենյակ) և պահեստային տարածք (այնուհետև ՝ ուղեբեռի սենյակ): Այն կանգնած է որպես քաղաքի երկաթուղու անցյալի վկայություն և հանդիսանում է այն երկրներից մեկը, որը մնացել է օրիգինալ և ամբողջական պահեստներ:

85 ոտնաչափ երկարությամբ սեղմված օդային շարժիչով շարժակազմը, որը հնարավորություն է տալիս լոկոմոտիվը շրջվել կամ ուղու հավասարեցման համար, կամ 180 աստիճանի փոխադարձ կողմնորոշման համար, մուտք է գործում չորս հարկանի կլոր սեղան, որի ենթահողերի փոսերը հեշտացնում են սպասարկումը, նորոգումը և սպասարկումը: Նրա քաղաքից դուրս աշխատողները հաճախ նստում են անիվի տակ գտնվող բեռնատար մեքենայի կողքին:

Դեպի պահեստի և կլոր սեղանի հետ միասին, 1870-ականներին կառուցված «Բեռների տունը», որպես draymen- ի կողմից ստուգված բեռների փաստաթղթերի մշակման կետ, ընդգրկված է Պատմական վայրերի ազգային ռեգիստրում: Ներկայումս այն տեղակայված է North Conway Model Railroad Club- ում:

Conway Scenic Railroad & # 39; s նավատորմի կազմը բաղկացած է 13 գոլորշու և դիզելային էլեկտրական լոկոմոտիվներից, ավելի քան 40 մեքենա և մարզիչ, յոթ մասնավոր կաբոոզա և երեք մասնավոր ձյան ֆլաներ:

Այն առաջարկում է մի քանի օր զբոսաշրջային գնացք ամառային սեզոնի ընթացքում: «Վելի գնացքները», օրինակ, կա՛մ գործում են Քոնվեի մեկ ժամյա, 11 մղոնանոց շրջագայությունը, կա՛մ մեկ ժամ, 45 րոպեանոց, 21-մղոն վերադառնալ դեպի Բարտլետ, մինչդեռ «Notch գնացքները» ներթափանցում են Քրոուֆորդ նիշ և կատարում 50 մղոն, հնգօրյա և կես ժամ տևողությամբ էքսկուրսիա դեպի Քրոուֆորդ Դեպո և Ֆաբյան կայարան: Այս ծառայությունները օգտագործում են կամ գոլորշու կամ դիզելային էլեկտրական շարժիչ ուժ, և ուղևորները կարող են գիրք վարել մարզչի, առաջին կարգի կամ պրեմիում / գմբեթի տեղավորումը երեք դասընթացներով:

Որպես ձմեռային սպորտի սիրահարներին սպասարկող մի քաղաք, այն ունի իր դռան լեռնադահուկային հանգստավայրը ՝ Կռանմոր լեռը, իր բակում, ընդամենը մի մղոն հեռավորության վրա գտնվող Route 16 շնչերակներից:

Երկար ժամանակ կապված լինելով եզակի լեռնագնացության բարձր մակարդակի համակարգի հետ, այն ներկայացնում էր 192 մետաղական, ռետինե անիվներով և կաբելային կցորդներով աշխատող նավատորմի, որը բարձրանում էր Կռանմոր լեռը երկկողմանի փայտե տաշտակի վրա: Նախագծված ՝ Newորջ Մորտոնի կողմից, Նյու Հեմփշիր նահանգի Բարտլեթ քաղաքում, այն տեղափոխում էր երկինք և տեսարժան վայրեր և հանդիսանում էր Հյուսիսային Ամերիկայի ամենահին գործող լեռնադահուկային համակարգը, երբ 1989-ին դադարեցրել էր գործողությունները 51 տարվա շարունակական ծառայության անցնելուց հետո:

Այսօր Mount Cranmore- ում տեղադրված են տասը վերելակ; 13 սկսնակ, 25 միջանկյալ և 16 փորձաքննություններ; և 1200 ոտքով ուղղահայաց կաթիլներ: Ոչ-դահուկային գրավչությունները ներառում են փակ արկածային գոտի իր հիմնական օթյակում. հսկա ճոճանակ; 3.700 ոտնաչափ լեռնագնացություն; տեղանքային պարկեր; պարանների դասընթաց; քառանկյունանոց բունջե տրամպոլին; լեռան Segway շրջագայություններ; իջնող, 700 ոտնաչափ երկարությամբ, երկնիշ անձի zipline; և գեղատեսիլ աթոռի ուղևորություններ:


Tourist spots and accommodation for the best winter achievements


The winter season often limits outdoor recreation and activities. Snow sometimes reaches six inches deep, which prevents us from having fun outside. However, winter time is not at all restrictive if we only do research on the wonderful places where winter can also turn into a pleasant season.

You can travel to various winter destinations, such as Vermont, Massachusetts, North and South Dakota, as well as Broadbrook, Smoky Mountains and Pokémon. If you are a snowboarder, skier, or someone who enjoys the winter season, planning a winter vacation ahead of time is a good way to get a better accommodation in the most demanding winter destinations. Here are some of the great places in the cold, snowy season.

Hersey Pennsylvania is your vacation destination when you plan to travel during or before the Christmas season. Hershey Park Hershey & # 39; s home is also what kids call Christmas Candyland or Chocolate Town. This celebration usually takes place a month before the Christmas holidays.

Located on the shores of a small river on the shores of the Swedish uk, Swedenens Ice Hotel is a favorite all over the world to provide the best winter vacation. It is opened and created every winter from about 10,000 tons of ice and about 30,000 tons of snow. It includes the popular Absolut Ice Bar, a favorite winter destination here.

During the winter season, Yellowstone National Park is also a popular summer resort in the United States, offering study and housing programs where visitors of all ages can attend their classes throughout the winter. This app is a great way for guests of all ages to learn more about the fascinating and beautiful Yellowstone National Park.

Wisconsin has a small town that offers the perfect winter vacation attitude. This is at Great Wolf Lodge, home to huge indoor water parks. Great Wolf Lodge is a favorite place for kids or the whole family. Wisconsin Delphi tourists can get the best of both worlds, starting in summer, before snow begins to fall outside. Wisconsin Dels is located in both Madison, Wisconsin and Milwaukee.

Mont Tremblant is located in the stunning Laurentian Mountains of Quebec, Canada. Mont Tremblant provides its visitors with over 600 acres of snowboarding and skiing. Moving around is not a problem as there are many remote winter hotels nearby. Anasa Hotel offers its guests Mediterranean dishes at the Main Helios restaurant, as well as a delicious breakfast at the Amphora restaurant.

Located in Constantinople, Cyprus, this hotel is approximately 500 meters from its private beach, 7 km from the city center and 3 km from Latchi. Each room has light fixtures, illuminated closets and marble floors. All units have bathrooms, balconies, dial-up internet access, climate control, direct dial telephony and satellite TV.

Next is the Atlantic Place Hotel, located in a residential district and one kilometer from downtown Sorrento. The hotel is 45 km from Naples Airport and about an hour's drive from the resort. Diner breakfast and breakfast are available from Delle Farfalle restaurant, located inside the property.

Hilton Sorrento Palace Hotel offers panoramic views of Naples bats. This hotel is located 500 meters from the historic center of Sorrento. All air-conditioned rooms have Mediterranean warm decorations and expanded balconies. The hotel's 39 rooms are equipped with satellite color TV, wireless internet and hairdryers.

You can also try the Gardenia Hotel in Columbus. This hotel is 11 km from Garda Lake and 3 km from Sirmioni. It is also 10 km from San Vigilio Hindland and 11 km from Garda Lake. The hotel's 39th guest rooms are equipped with desktops, air conditioners, satellite cable TVs and coffee makers. Its Gardenia restaurants offer regional and local dishes.


Hotel Reviews: Crowne Plaza, Reading, Wyomissing, PA


This writer had the opportunity to stay in one of their more expensive hotels, Tice Square in Manhattan, and this time again he is grateful for the opportunity to stay in one of their hotels in Reading, Pennsylvania again. He was accompanying his friend who & nbsp; participated in a continuing education seminar in Reading & PA hotels & # 39; the largest meeting place the hotel website mentions, and she has had time to work on her projects. at the hotel. Shortly afterwards, he began to prepare and share a review of this hotel, located on Paperman Rice, New York, on the Staten Island, Wyoming.

Upon arriving at the area at approximately 3 pm, this writer noticed that the hotel entrance was very important in design and very much like the business, without much noise spent in front of the decorating and splashing area you expect to see green. in the gardens. It could have been turned into a mini-garden, but there was nothing like it here. But the parking lot is plentiful and set in front of a 5-storey modern-style building, and the music explodes with a loud, hidden talker whose sound you can't hear when you walk down the stairs to the lobby that catches you as the doors open automatically.

Turn left after the automatic doors, and you will be escorted to an elevator accessible only to key holders (or those who are guest guests). The staff are generally friendly and helpful. One of them, who lives in one of the restaurants, does not want this writer and his friend to take a short tour of the hotel amenities that include indoor swimming pool, gym, bar and lounge. , a business center for those in need of help and a space for the transactions they need to participate in while staying at the hotel.

This writer noticed that late in the evening, as he was returning to interesting nightlife reading spots, people were coming and going to Corun Plaza. They seemed to be busy on business nights with their local sponsors and not just those who came from far away who preferred to stay at the hotel. The whole area, including the lobby, which leads comfortably to the front desk, restaurant, lounge, nightclub, and lounge, which opens to a very wide area, appealing to the senses, and will help you visualize the great events happening here. Certain amenities are only available for guests who include a swimming pool and a gym.

This writer and his friend had a room of over 300 square meters and a queen size bed. In the room, cable TV is available for your needs with cable, internet, Wi-Fi, iPod dock and coffee maker. The USA Today Daily Issue is also delivered to your bedroom every day, which was unusual for this writer as he reads news mostly online. The water pressure in the bathroom is weak and the hot water will eventually come out for some time. Two large paintings showing examples of beautiful flowers like pink flowers hang on the wall, one of which hangs on the wall above the head. The view when drawing the drawings was not really interesting, as the room on the back of the third floor and you can just see the high roof above the beach, which is in the lobby and the huge meeting area. on the ground floor of the building. However, if you keep your eyes peeled to see what's in there, you can see views of the Reading and Outside Highlands looking at highways, the nearby Home Depot store, Pier Imports store. and other adjacent buildings. You will notice that the skyline is dominated by mostly high-rise buildings that are horizontally spacious and look like they will soon be rebuilt for other purposes when the time and opportunity comes.

You & # 39; you will have the opportunity to visit a number of local branches of retail stores and restaurants, which seems to be typical of this type of urban area. You will probably be able to see interesting sights, including the location of what was once the world's largest socks maker, the Berkshire Knit Mill. The department stores are now in the complex where the hotel is located. And you will be more than happy to take short trips to other reading sections if you have a car to turn around. Crowne Plaza Reading is a great place to start your mini adventure in downtown Pennsylvania.


Cheapest Manhattan Hotels!


Manhattan has a rich history. It is also of great interest, from the Statue of Liberty to the Grand Central Terminal and the Empire State Building. Visitors to Manhattan need not worry, as many of Manhattan's most luxurious and cheap hotels are located near these places of interest.

Empire State Building – This attraction is more than just a tourist attraction. It is also a fascinating part of NY history. This is the place to check out Manhattan's night skyline. It is also the best place for romantic encounters and breathtaking views. It is definitely the most famous skyscraper in New York and the world in 1931. – The tallest skyscraper in 1931, 102 stories high.

Secrets of Grand Central Terminal. Built in 1913, it is considered the largest railway station in the world. In addition to rich history, it has many secrets. Visit this fascinating piece of New York history to discover its hidden corners, shadowy past and many corners.

Cheap Hotels in Manhattan

To stay more comfortable or longer in Manhattan, instead of landing on luxurious hotels that seem to get you off the ground, cheaper Manhattan hotels will offer almost the same comfort, convenience and amenities as a 5-star hotel. rated hotels.

Hotel Pennsylvania – This inexpensive Manhattan hotel is in an incredible location and offers budget-friendly rates. Situated in the center of Midtown Manhattan, it is home to many popular sights and transportation. In fact, there is a subway hotel, and Macy's & # 39; The gallery is only a block of art galleries.

The Pennsylvania hotel has 1,700 deluxe furnished rooms with hair dryers, cable TVs, pay-per-view movies, voice mail phones, AM / FM clock radio and ironing boards. You can also request a baby crib or roll up bed. Other guaranteed amenities include wireless internet access, a travel / theater and sightseeing table, as well as a 24-hour business center, a 24-hour café, a newsroom and Lindy's & # 39; restaurant in the main lobby.

This 2.5-star Salisbury Hotel is just two blocks from Central Park and Fifth Avenue. It is one of the cheapest Manhattan hotels you can get. It features a 17-storey neo-Gothic style building that smokes without property.

Although Salisbury was originally designed as a cozy type hotel, its living rooms are actually spacious and include room cabinets, walk-in closets, cellar kitchens and free New York magazines.