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Megan S. Wyeth

Megan Wyeth was born in St. Joseph, Missouri, in May of 1956. She attended Denver University, Kansas City Art Institiure and the University of Kansas where she studied photogrphy and ant history, obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1979.

After graduation, she returned to St. Hoseph and married Huston Wyeth. She freelanced in photography and established a small business making hand-woven clothing and blankets until 1982.

At that time, and for several years thereafter, Megan engaged in starting a family and tainsing her sons, Hunston, now 18, and Elliot, 14. In 1990, Megan began focusing on photography again and has been exhibiting, freelancing, and doing assignment work. She also enjoys attending art and photography workshops, making books, journals and greeting cards.

About Megan Wyeth's Disply Like a Weed

When I first began this project I knew that I wanted to make porraits of kids. Some serious and somefunny. What I didn't know was that after the first time out photographing, the project would begin to have a like of its own. I realized that I could plan some, but what was really happening and even what kids I was making pictures of, would be somewhat out of my contol. Even what I was doing with this group of photographs became clear only after most of the images were made.

Most of the kids in the pictures have been life long of long time friends of my children. I was feeling a little sad thinking of the changes next fall for both of my children and so, for our family. My older son will go to college and my younger son will begin high school. Some of the kids that I have seen, fed and loved almost everyday for years will no longer be a part of our lives in the same way again. I think be making these portraits I was dealing with the idea of upcoming change and beginning to sort through a loss. At the same time I am thrilled for them because there is no doubt in my mind that these kids are blessed with everything in the world to look forward to.

After looking into the eyes of these kids through my camera, it validated everything I have always instinctively known. Children need to be listened to, and that raising children is the worlds most important job. We are blessed to have these intelligent worderful creatures in our lives. The beauty if their reckless abandon and their unconditional love has always been a source of amazement and envy for me.

There are several kids that I was not able to photograph because of time, weather and schedules. The kids in this show represent them too, and this exhibit is dedicated to you all.

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